John Mulford Raymond

My great-grandfather was a drummer boy during the Civil War. He went on to become a National Drum Major in the Association of Civil War Musicians.


If you're looking to find connections to New England Raymond families, you've come to the right place. My database contains everyone named in the following Raymond genealogy works, and the results of ongoing research. Source note abbreviations (=) are shown.

"Genealogies of the Raymond Families of New England" (Samuel Raymond, 1886) = GRFNE

"Raymond Genealogy - Volume I - Descendants of Richard Raymond" (Samuel Edward Raymond, 1969-72) = RG-DRR

"Raymond Genealogy - Volume II - Descendants of John and William Raymond" (Samuel Edward Raymond, 1972) = RG-DJWR

"Raymond, Abbot, Jackson and Allied Families" (John Marshall Raymond, 1962) = RAJAF

"The Ancestry of George Raymond of Glastonbury, County Somerset, England" (John Marshall Raymond, 1982) = AGRG

"A Raymond History" (June Raymond Gorman, 1981) = ARH

"Descendants of Charles Walker Raymond" (Richard Raymond III, 1993) = DCWR

"The Raymond Genealogy" (Charles N. Sinnett of Fertile, Minnesota, c. 1910) = TRG

"Daniel Raymond of Yarmouth, A Pre-Loyalist Settler in Western Nova Scotia" (Ann Raymond, 1978, Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly) = DROY

My main genealogy interest is extending the lines of these Raymond books as far as possible. If you see a connection or have a correction, please contact me by clicking my name at bottom of the page.

- Raymond B. Howard

Samuel Raymond

Samuel Raymond was the author of "Genealogies of the Raymond Families of New England", published in 1886. John Mulford Raymond purchased two original copies, and is listed number 477 in the line of Richard Raymond.