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Sources are various: Compiled by Marilynn Jane Munoz, contact me for specifics. 
CLEMMONS, William (I48280)
2 Oliver Raymond left Connecticut to become a merchant at Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, NY. There he met and married Eunice Bates Elliott of nearby Fredonia; their first child Louisa was born in 1830. In 1831, he moved with his family to St. Joseph County, Michigan.
Oliver built the first frame house in Sturgis, which became a tavern/hotel. He was the first postmaster in the village, keeping the mail for the entire settlement in a candle-box. In 1833, he was appointed a justice of the peace by Governor Porter. In October 1834, Oliver was found guilty of selling liquor to Indians. However, an arrest of judgement was granted because "the name of the particular Mr. Lo not being given, nor the particular locality where the alledged infringement of the law had taken place." Oliver served as acting Justice of the Peace for Burr Oak Township, 1838. During the 1840s, the family apparently spent time in Wabash County, Indiana, where several children were born, including youngest son John Mulford Raymond in 1847.
Oliver departed for California in 1849 to pursue the gold rush, leaving his family at White Pigeon, Michigan, at the home of brother-in-law Dr. William Elliott. Oliver and fellow 49er John Sturgis endured great hardships crossing the California desert, documented by Sturgis in a letter (see source notes).
In 1860, Oliver perhaps learned that his wife had died in White Pigeon, and so returned to Michigan. Folklore provides that Oliver was very successful as a miner and that, on his return from California with a sizable fortune and accompanied by another White Pigeon miner returning home, the two were bushwhacked; Oliver losing all or the majority of his gold, and his travel partner his life.
The 1860 census has him at White Pigeon, occupation given as "Clerk of Foundry". He died the following year. An extensive search has not revealed his grave site.

Following are excerpts from "History of St. Joseph County, 1827-1877":
"At this last term [Apr 1835] Oliver Raymond, being found guilty under an indictment for selling liquor to Indians, moved an arrest of judgement because the indictment was indefinite - the name of the particular Mr. Lo not being given, nor the particular locality where the alleged infringement of the law had taken place. At the October term the pleas was allowed... " (p. 27)
"In 1832, Oliver Raymond buried two little girls in Sturgis Prairie." (p. 35)
"Oliver Raymond settled in Sturgis in 1830." (p. 71)
"The first frame house was built by Oliver Raymond in 1831, and used by him for a hotel." (p. 72)
"Oliver Raymond was the first postmaster in the [White Pigeon] village, and he kept the mail of the entire settlement in a single pigeon-hole, which comprised an entire candle-box." (p. 74)
"Oliver Raymond taught the school [Union School of Sturgis] the winter term of 1839-40 for twenty-six dollars per month, and boarded himself, but being taken sick, Angus McKerne filled his contract." (p. 75)
"Township of Burr Oak established Apr 2, 1838, Oliver Raymond, Esq. acting Justice of the Peace." (p. 182) 
RAYMOND, Oliver (I17)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LEWIS, G.I. (I36262)
4 !Coral remarried John Mac Williams on 16 Nov 1964, Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Our family was living in Perrydale, PolkCo.. Ore. at the time. Jo hn wasa
sociology professor at Oklahoma St. Univ. and was interested in the
process of subsistence liv- ing in modern times. We lived on a 40 acre
farm for the 1st two years of their marriage- share cropping oats and
vetch, raising a few small chickens and dairy calves. the living
standards were meager at best. This was during 1964-1966. John often kept
correspondence with major writers and professors around the United States,
many of whom helped to Foster what was later called the "hippy" movement.
John felt quite strongly that the whole intent of his colleagues efforts
had been corrupted by later inclusion of the youth element and their
drugs.(Submitted by Michael R. Gates.)

John and Coral were married at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mike was 16 at the time
of the marriage. He recollections are from his perspective. (by C.-L.
RAYMOND, Coral-Louise (I36302)
5 !Kelly drowned on 17 July 1989, was brain dead, and died 22 July at
Emmanuel Hospital, Portland, Oregon. His funeral was held at LakeridgeLD S
Chapel, Lake Oswego, Oregon on Tuesday 25 July and was buried at Crescent
Grove Cemetery, Tigard, Oregon. He is close to his Grandmother Lewis'

April 14, 1988-July 22, 1989. Such a short life, and how sad. His
paternal grandparents and youngest paternal aunt and uncle only got to
share one day of that life. Yet he showed the liveliness that seems to
this kin-by-marriage to be the hallmark of the Gates family, and in
particular, this Gates family. I endeavored to write a song about him
upon his death that would not be too morbid, yet express my sorrow at not
getting to see him grow to what he might have been. Below is printed the
lyric to that song:

You were the green on a summer's day, You were the rainbow that made the
rain go away.

Your colors were the special ones, Now the painting will go, The painting
will go undone. I'll create a new color for you -- Kelly Blue, Kelly Blue.

Life is too short, you hear them say, And it seems that the best turn out
that way, They must have been thinking of you, Kelly Blue, Kelly Blue.

You are too beautiful to forget, So with accents of love, tinted with
regret, I'll paint a room in my heart Kelly Blue, Kelly Blue.

Life is too short, you hear them say, And it seems that the best turn out
that way. They must have been thinking of you, Kelly Blue, Kelly Blue.

(c) 1989 Frogstunz. Bye, Kelly -- we miss you. Julie Gates, 24 Feb 1990 
GATES, Kelly Raymond (I36227)
6 !Married Charles Wesley Barnes On 14 APR 1872. MCKEE, Eliza Jane (I38147)
7 !Married Edward Rudd On 8 MAY 1870. MCKEE, Julia Lovira (I38146)
8 !Married To (1) Joseph Smith Laird. MCKEE, Persis Manerva (I38148)
9 !Married To William Bailey Steele On 18 JAN 1883. MCKEE, Louisa Marinda (I38149)
10 !There were actually two children born by the same name, but the first
died soon after birth, hence "Frank" was not reall y the first-born. Also,
in order for Frank to get into the military early, (he wasn't even 17 yet)
his father signed a form showing the birth date of the 1st F.E. Gates,Jr.
in this way he told the truth, but helped his 6 ft. tall pull one over the
eyes of the war minded gov't in the early days of World War II. (written
by Mike Gates) -------- Frank was a "Ward of the State of Oregon" at the
time he entered the service. He had to get permission from the Court to
enter the Navy. He also had to get permission to get a marriage license
in 1945 because he was only 20 years old. (His wife, Coral, was 16, and
her mother Alma Hereth Hanrahan [later Harland] signed for her.) (This
note provided by Coral-Louise Raymond Gates Williams, 5/27/90) ---------
Military Record --
Place and Date of Entrance into the U. S. Navy -- Portland, Oregon; 7 June
1942. Rank -- Seaman First Class First Assignment -- Receiving Ship, Puget
Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington. Record of Promotion: ART 3rd
Class, 2 Jan 1943 ART 2nd Class, 15 Mar 1943 ART 1st Class, 1 Jan 1945
AETM 1st Class, 19 Dec 1945 Record of Citations and Awards: Navy Unit
Commendation, Majuro-Casu 30, June 1944 Navy Unit Commendation, Ebeye-Casu
F-18, Oct 1944 Record of Training and Domestic Service: EE & RMS,
Stillwater, Oklahoma July-Oct 1942 NATTC, Ward Island, Corpus Christi,
Texas Oct 1942-April 1943 Sand Point Naval Air Station, Seattle
Washington, Sept-Dec 1945 Record of Foreign Service and Combat: Casu-5,
San Diego, California Casu-16, Los Alamitos, California Hedron Fleet Air
Wing 14, San Diego, California Casu-30, Central Pacific Casu-18, Central
Pacific Patsu-2-6, Central Pacific Navy NAB-807, Central Pacific Released
from Service on 23 December 1945 at Bremerton, Washington at the rank of
Aviation Electronics Technicians Mate First Class. 
GATES, Francis Elmore (I36301)
11 "A woman of literary and artistic talent, and a wonderful amature(sic) gardener doing a great part of the work herself; She is also active in all of such organizations as the Red Cross; Mrs. Perkins is prominent in the Power Industry, is Vice President of the Connecticut Electric Service Corporation and the Connecticut Power Company and Director of many corporations." (Myron Henry Clark from Thomas Raymond Ball) RAYMOND, Caroline Paddock (I10843)
12 "Doc" was a dentist by trade. He practiced in Michigan City, Indiana from about 1934 thru November 1946, when he moved to Melbourne, Florida with his family and brother Edwin. There he owned/managed "Doc's Bar", located in the old Melbourne Hotel. My father worked with him for many years, in the dental trade and in the bar. I obtained a picture of him from his daughter Francis in 1994. Also, he was probably one of the several children in family group photo passed on by my father to my mother. HOWARD, Dr. Neil Walter "Doc" (I71)
13 "Jasper J. Barnett spent the first twelve years of his life on the home farm in Perry county and during that period attended the district schools, while later he continued his education in the public schools of Drinkle and in Kingston Academy, of Kingston, Ohio. He then began teaching in the public schools and followed that profession for fourteen years, proving his capability as an educator by the clear and ready manner in which he imparted to others the knowledge he had acquired and by the way in which he maintained discipline. On abandoning that profession, he turned his attention to farming. In May 1864, he enlisted in Company I, One Hundred and Fifty-ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, under the command of Captain E. Griffith. Soon afterward Mr. Barnett was commissioned first lieutenant and was ordered to Baltimore, Maryland, where he did garrison duty for one hundred days, at the expiration of which period he received an honorable discharge in September, 1864.
"Returning to Fairfield county, Mr. Barnett engaged in farming and stock raising and also devoted his attention to school teaching for two years. In 1867 he purchased his father's old homestead, thus becoming the owner of two hundred acres of land, to the further development and cultivation of which he devoted his energies with untiring activity until 1882. His labors made his place one of the desirable farms of the county, his enterprise and capable management being manifest in the neat and thrifty appearance of the farm. At length he put aside business cares and in 1882 removed to the village of Amanda, where he established a harness store, but later he disposed of that enterprise and is now (1902) living retired.
"... Mr. Barnett is a stanch advocate of Republican principles, having supported the party his attaining his majority. He also belongs to Tarlton Lodge, No. 218, I. O. O. F., and was once a member of McPherson Post, G. A. R. Since 1849 he has been an acceptable member of the Methodist Episcopal church and has always been loyal to its teachings and active in its work, doing everything in his power to extend the influence and promote the growth of the church." (extract from article in "A Biographical Record of Fairfield County Ohio", S. J. Clarke, 1902) 
BARNETT, Jasper Jackson (I8)
14 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: R.H. RAYMOND / M. DAUBER (F8561)
15 (database on Source (S4710)
16 (excerpt sent to me by Paul Hutchinson, Source (S1798)
17 ( Source (S31)
18 (not a Raymond descendant) Source (S1153)
19 (Not actually married) Family: Joseph David RAYMOND, Jr. / Louise FLOYD (F8193)
20 (RBH note) I have images of pages 242-249, concerned with the Raymond family. Source (S607)
21 (sent to me by George McNeillie) Source (S730)
22 (two pages received from Alan Betz Williams, August 1997) Source (S74)
23 (WEP) HAZARD, Sarah Ransom (I11951)
24 (WEP) RANSOM, Mariam Augusta (I11952)
25 1930 Fed census on next page from parents' listing in Portland,Multnomah, Oregon. GLOVER, Loren Britain Jr. (I36237)
26 1930 Fed Census, Cane Beds, Mohave, Arizona living with parents listed asDanial W. and Villeb Palmer and brothers James W., Edward, Asel, Roy, LeoV., Walter and Kenneth.
Oregon Death Index lists her spouse as John but he had died several yearsbefore she did. He died in 1973 and she died in 1989. 
PALMER, Almeda (I36219)
27 2014 e-mail Source (S847)
28 A famous naval commander and hero of the War of 1812. When his fleet
defeated the British at Lake Erie in 1813, he sent the famous message, "We
have met the enemy and they are ours." Congress proclaimed him a national
PERRY, Commodore Oliver Hazard (I6200)
29 A famous US Naval officer, commander of expedition to Japan in 1853, that
opened communication between Japan and the outside world. 
PERRY, Commodore Matthew Calbraith (I6203)
30 A farmer and carpenter, during the Civil War he volunteered at Bremen, assigned to 17th Volunteer Infantry. Discharged in 1867. After marriage, lived in Allen Co., Ohio; in 1879 removed to Wells Co., IN. Became a minister of the Beery-Antioch Brethern in Christ Church in Adams Co., Indiana. HOWARD, Ephriam (I1013)
31 A farmer in Montville, member of legislature in 1838 and Treasurer of
Montville 1825-1847. 
PARISH, Nathaniel (I5788)
32 A farmer, settled at West Hartford. RAYMOND, Joshua (I5410)
33 A Lieutenant in the Revolution, he was captured and whipped to death by
the British. 
RAYMOND, William (I246)
34 A major street in Berkeley, CA is named Haste Street after John Henry Haste. He was a major land owner in Berkeley and a coal dealer in San Francisco. HASTE, John Henry (I19044)
35 A parchment certificate passed down to me by my father named him as being granted 80 acres of land in Fairfield County, Ohio. The certificate was signed by John Quincy Adams in 1826. BARNETT, Solomon (I191)
36 A self-described "philosopher, scholar, and pauper". Author of "Final Report on Community Anti-Sex Programs" (1981), "A Companion to Owls" (1996), several volumes of letters, and a few peculiar poems. In U.S Army 1969-71, Georgia and Germany. RAYMOND, Thomas David (I213)
37 A street car conductor in Columbus, Ohio. HOWARD, Joshua E. (I1256)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ZUERCHER, P.M. (I1108)
39 According to Aunt Myralene, she often wrote letters to Uncle Charlie, who
was her second cousin. Now (1995), she can no longer write, so her son
Frank writes letters to Charlie instead. They live on Cottage St. in
Jackson, Georgia.
She is apparently the "Mrs. Frank Hearn, Jackson Georgia" who provided
TOWLES, Clementine Elizabeth "Beth" (I164)
40 According to Carl Troyer, Edwin Cloyd Howard has the original picture of our common ancestor Edwin Howard. HOWARD, Edwin Cloyd (I1244)
41 Address book of Alma Harland says birthday is 5/6/1940. COULTER, Roberta Lee (I36246)
42 Administered a long-term care facility for the mentally retarded, retired 1997. VAN HORNE, George (I471)
43 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. FARMER, M.A. (I24963)
44 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. FARMER, D.J. (I24964)
45 Adopted by his grandmother and step-grandfather, Lily and J.C. Raymond.Father was Bill Davis, son of Lily Cartee Davis Raymond. clrgw
Donnie married Glenda and had a child before he died. His body was foundin the Willamette River near Salem. This occured in the 1979.
Oregon Death Certificate # 79-14747, Marion County, listed as Donald LeeRaymond.
Obtained his SS card in Missouri (while Mom Lily was visiting family atThayer after J.C. had died?) or was he born there?. 
RAYMOND, Donald Lee (I36267)
46 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SCHAEFER, D. (I11833)
47 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. STEELE, G.A. (I67)
48 After graduating from the Amanda High School class of 1930, became a dental technician. He learned the trade from his older brother Neil ("Doc"), and worked with him for many years in Michigan City, Indiana. Late in World War II, he was drafted as a surgical technician in the Army, serving in Oklahoma and Georgia where he assisted surgeons. He did not serve overseas. He met Helen E. Raymond on Sep 6, 1947, the day her brother Charlie died. After they were married, they moved about the country to many places, including St. Louis MO, Atlanta and Savannah GA, Troy NY, Effingham IL, Melbourne, FL, finally St. Louis again where he died in 1967. HOWARD, Edwin L. (I2)
49 AID BMcClain75 Source (S346)
50 Alberta moved to Gloucester, VA after John died to live with family named Ketchum.

Per Gary Henderson- Alberta had an Aunt Bell that lived with them, her maiden name was Todd from NC. Abraham Lincoln's wife's maiden name was Todd and her family was from NC 
KETCHUM, Alberta Ruth (I24781)

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