Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Mary Ann  29 Oct 1818Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts  I17811
2 BOWERS, Catherine Abbot  20 Oct 1813Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts  I8107
3 BUCKMAN, Evelyn Ann  23 Sep 1886Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I88609
4 FARNSWORTH, Emeline  23 Nov 1822Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I45692
5 GRAVES, Emma Marion  22 Jun 1887Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts  I64428
6 MCLAUGHLIN, John J.  20 Oct 1898Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I62579
7 RAYMOND, Almira Ann  23 Mar 1823Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19053
8 RAYMOND, Ann Maria  14 Sep 1827Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20909
9 RAYMOND, Catherine Elizabeth  30 Jul 1819Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19052
10 RAYMOND, Charles  17 Oct 1839Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20914
11 RAYMOND, Charles Olvin  13 Jul 1856Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22354
12 RAYMOND, Edith Grotjan  26 Mar 1850Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20952
13 RAYMOND, Edward Greenleaf  26 May 1843Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20950
14 RAYMOND, Edward M.  13 Feb 1848Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22352
15 RAYMOND, Elmer Prescott  13 Jan 1860Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22355
16 RAYMOND, Emma Wright  6 Sep 1873Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22384
17 RAYMOND, Francis  5 Nov 1835Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20912
18 RAYMOND, Francis Hyde  21 Aug 1826Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20908
19 RAYMOND, George  7 Nov 1832Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20911
20 RAYMOND, George Albert  8 Apr 1850Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22353
21 RAYMOND, George Washington  1 Mar 1862Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I35919
22 RAYMOND, Harlan Marcus  5 Feb 1842Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts  I19183
23 RAYMOND, Harriet Cheever (Cutter)  19 Nov 1812Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19051
24 RAYMOND, Harriet E.  1 Mar 1857Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I35918
25 RAYMOND, John  6 Jul 1842Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20915
26 RAYMOND, Joseph Cheever  16 Jan 1808Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19049
27 RAYMOND, Rosabelle  8 Mar 1861Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22378
28 RAYMOND, Samuel  4 Apr 1811Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19050
29 RAYMOND, Sarah Appleton  16 Dec 1837Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20913
30 RAYMOND, Sarah Jane  Jan 1850Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20330
31 RAYMOND, Walter Landor  23 Aug 1846Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20951
32 RAYMOND, William  8 Aug 1786Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I17671
33 RAYMOND, William  9 Jun 1799Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19032
34 RAYMOND, William  24 Dec 1805Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19048
35 RAYMOND, William Fuller  15 Apr 1830Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20910
36 RAYMOND, William Pierce  9 Jan 1854Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I35915
37 WRIGHT, Elizabeth Boynton  9 Jun 1846Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22383


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BISPHAM, Elizabeth  Bef 1870Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22446
2 FULLER, Maria  7 Jun 1882Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20907
3 RAYMOND, Almira Ann  26 Aug 1824Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19053
4 RAYMOND, Ann Maria  23 May 1901Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20909
5 RAYMOND, Elmer Prescott  5 Jul 1867Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22355
6 RAYMOND, Frances M.  28 Nov 1860Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I3940
7 RAYMOND, Francis  6 Jun 1843Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20912
8 RAYMOND, Francis Hyde  14 Jan 1827Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20908
9 RAYMOND, John  29 Jul 1853Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20915
10 RAYMOND, Olvin Fletcher  6 Aug 1874Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20855
11 RAYMOND, Sarah Appleton  7 Aug 1841Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20913
12 RAYMOND, William  14 May 1882Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19032


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 RAYMOND / FULLER  25 Nov 1825Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F10344
2 STEARNS / RAYMOND  23 Oct 1837Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F10359