Oak Hill Cemetery



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 RAYMENT, Cecil G.  4 May 1913Oak Hill Cemetery I30892


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ---, Louese A.  Oak Hill Cemetery I90826
2 ATWELL, Abel William  Oak Hill Cemetery I97100
3 BALDWIN, Jefferson  Oak Hill Cemetery I36118
4 BECKNER, Thomas Folsom  Oak Hill Cemetery I88665
5 BENNITT, Hila Keziah  Oak Hill Cemetery I23303
6 BENSON, Hopee Ellen  Oak Hill Cemetery I60355
7 BIBLE, Glenn A.  Oak Hill Cemetery I26366
8 BLAGG, Walter  Oak Hill Cemetery I59767
9 BOCE, Sam  Oak Hill Cemetery I47566
10 BRADY, Raymond Francis  Oak Hill Cemetery I44929
11 BRENNAN, William Thomas  Oak Hill Cemetery I89283
12 CACEK, Kenneth Elvin  Oak Hill Cemetery I81270
13 CAMP, Edward Livingston  Oak Hill Cemetery I31039
14 CAMP, Harry Sanford  Oak Hill Cemetery I18398
15 CAMP, Henry Clay  Oak Hill Cemetery I31037
16 CHAMPLIN, Floyd Henry  Oak Hill Cemetery I106019
17 CLAYCOMB, Catherine R.  Oak Hill Cemetery I47320
18 CONGER, David B. Jr.  Oak Hill Cemetery I69842
19 CONGER, Jessie Jane  Oak Hill Cemetery I69844
20 COVELL, Orin M.  Oak Hill Cemetery  I39441
21 CRAIG, Elza Clement  Oak Hill Cemetery I15342
22 CRAIG, Fredric Elza "Bud"  Oak Hill Cemetery I15344
23 CRAIG, Raymond Oscar  Oak Hill Cemetery I15343
24 DILLE, Sylvia L.  Oak Hill Cemetery I50429
25 ERICKSON, Shirley Jean  Oak Hill Cemetery I47217
26 EVERALL, Carl Clifton  Oak Hill Cemetery I74438
27 EVERALL, Kenneth Raymond  Oak Hill Cemetery I74439
28 EVERALL, Mary Elizabeth  Oak Hill Cemetery I74440
29 FALLIS, Jeanne Anne  Oak Hill Cemetery I85493
30 FOSTER, Mattie Bell  Oak Hill Cemetery I21909
31 FOX, Margie Marie  Oak Hill Cemetery  I115002
32 FREEMAN, Caroline Matilda  Oak Hill Cemetery I39644
33 FROST, James Michael  Oak Hill Cemetery I89955
34 FRY, Glenn Francis  Oak Hill Cemetery I65749
35 FRY, JoAnne Kathryn  Oak Hill Cemetery I88168
36 GOULD, Raymond  Oak Hill Cemetery I904
37 GREENLEAF, Edith Hoyt  Oak Hill Cemetery I34245
38 HAMEL, Felix P.  Oak Hill Cemetery I91919
39 HAMMOND, Marietta  Oak Hill Cemetery I67974
40 HARSHMAN, Katheryn Elizabeth "Libby"  Oak Hill Cemetery I113216
41 HODSDON, Lucy Adeline  Oak Hill Cemetery I93798
42 HOOVER, Leo Michael  Oak Hill Cemetery I96727
43 HORNIBROOK, Rosina "Rose"  Oak Hill Cemetery I65566
44 HOYT, Charles Henry  Oak Hill Cemetery I9465
45 HOYT, Josephine May  Oak Hill Cemetery I114409
46 HYATT, Blanche  Oak Hill Cemetery I97497
47 JAMISON, Susan Alice  Oak Hill Cemetery I15247
48 JOHNSON, Walter A.  Oak Hill Cemetery I69846
49 KRUSCHKE, Ed  Oak Hill Cemetery I90827
50 LOW, Blanche Bernice  Oak Hill Cemetery I76724

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