Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BADGER, George E.  14 Aug 1873Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I30118
2 BELLYA, Thelma Corinne  Abt 1898Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I88785
3 DAVIDSON, Charles Chester  Sep 1869Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I88782
4 DAVIDSON, Gale Leslie  30 Nov 1893Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I88781
5 FIEBIG, Gusta  Abt 1883Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I105489
6 RAYMOND, Edward Spring II  12 Mar 1918Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I35294
7 SMITH, Douglas  Abt 1932Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I97986
8 VAN OSTENBURG, Neal C.  16 Dec 1892Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I97981


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAL, Martha Lucretia  22 Feb 1907Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I45100
2 CUPP, Robert George  1 Nov 1985Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I24574
3 EWING, Frank Burton  16 Dec 1938Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I43920
4 JONES, Lucy Ethel  28 Nov 1988Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I35293
5 KRAMER, Anne  20 Feb 1999Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I94023
6 RAYMOND, Alice Frances  12 May 1969Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I22390
7 RAYMOND, David Clare  23 Jul 1974Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I56060
8 RAYMOND, Edward Greenleaf  2 Aug 1922Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I20950
9 RAYMOND, Ethel Ione  29 Apr 1980Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I24238
10 RAYMOND, Frank Roy  19 Jul 1986Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I24235
11 RAYMOND, Martena V.  5 Dec 1987Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I24567
12 RAYMOND, Robert Genung  19 Dec 1990Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I30959
13 REYNOLDS, Vera M.  26 Jul 1986Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I97697
14 SMITH, Martin Israel  14 Sep 1954Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I63396
15 SMITH, Virginia Lou  Jan 1993Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I63403
16 TASKER, Glenna E.  10 Dec 1975Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I103515
17 TRAUTWEIN, Carl D.  1979Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I88803
18 VAN OSTENBURG, Neal C.  23 Sep 1974Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I97981


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRENNAN / RAYMOND  24 Jul 1917Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F41406
2 CONEY / FIEBIG  26 Jun 1907Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F45115
3 DAVIDSON / RAYMOND  5 Nov 1915Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F36377
4 FACE / MIDDEL  29 Jun 1927Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F40940
5 GEDDIE / RAYMOND  23 May 1924Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F13517
6 GREGORY / RAYMOND  6 Apr 1944Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F13516
7 LAWRENCE / LOWE  18 Mar 1934Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F32582
8 MARSH / RAYMOND  23 Feb 1907Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F15188
9 RAYMOND / JONES  19 Jun 1915Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F16799
10 RAYMOND / WENDELL  6 Dec 1921Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F43587
11 RICE / RAYMOND  12 Dec 1900Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F44613
12 VAN OSTENBURG / RAYMOND  25 Dec 1917Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F41091